Ident Computer at Midlands meeting tomorrow, 21st May

Also to discuss Recursion 2016. Also to dis… oh, wait, no – that’d be repetition, not recursion.

The Midland User Group‘s next meeting will feature Tom Williamson from Ident Computer as its guest speaker.

Part of the Ident broadcasting & Communications group, which Tom founded in 2006, Ident Computer was formed with the aim of helping to preserve and exhibit retro systems, such as the BBC Micro, as well as to build and support new resources for the education sector. It is education in particular that he is set to discuss at the MUG meeting, with the topic being the use of RISC OS in modern education, and how a new audience is being exposed to its virtues.

Through Ident Computer, Tom has produced a Raspberry Pi-based computer called the ‘Micro / One‘ – and although it is not directly the subject of the talk, it seems likely that it will form part of any demonstration given at the meeting.

Another place to see the Micro / One will be the Recursion Computer Science Fair – at which Tom is planning to exhibit. The fair, which – as its name and venue might suggest – is aimed squarely at education, takes place on Saturday, 2nd July at the King Edward VI School in Stratford-upon-Avon, and is free for both exhibitors and visitors.

For the past couple of years, the Midlands User Group has been coaxing RISC OS companies to exhibit at the fair, in effect bringing the Midlands Show under its banner – and with the show now less than two months away, and the group’s May meeting being the last one before the it takes place, the group also intends to use the meeting to finalise plans for the event.

The meeting takes place from 2:00pm tomorrow, 21st May, at:

The Methodist Church Hall,
B60 1BL.

There is a small entrance fee to cover costs, and refreshments will be available.

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