R-Comp and RCI at the Dutch RISC OS eXperience this weekend

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 17th May, 2016.

We are pleased to announce that R-Comp and RCI will be present at the RISC OS eXperience event near Amsterdam this weekend. It is always a great pleasure to meet the Dutch RISC OS users and show what we’ve been up to in the past year.

This year we’ll be demonstrating our ARMX6 and TiMachine computer systems, representing the best RISC OS has to offer. With outstanding performance coupled with a track record of excellent reliability, you’ll be able to see the capabilities of modern RISC OS systems. From impressive speed to “4k” super-high-resolution graphics, RISC OS hardware has made fantastic steps forwards, so come and see the latest advances.

If you know you’re wanting a new machine, it may be best to contact us in advance if possible, because there have been almost constant back-orders on ARMX6s etc for the last year or so – stock sells out fast!

With new software advances (e.g. Otter Browser etc) demanding higher-than-ever levels of performance, the new RISC OS systems really show the benefits new hardware can bring.

On the software-front, you’ll be able to see the latest Fireworkz 2 software with MS Excel compatibility (import and export), as well as many other improvements. We’ll also have the latest NetFetch 4, and (if time permits) a new SafeStore update too.

Supporting other RISC OS companies…

We also do our bit to support other RISC OS companies and represent their products if they can’t make it themselves. This year we’re pleased to be able to offer products from two other companies:

  • Impression-X desktop publishing software – the latest version of the much-loved software. New features include the ability to handle JPEGs natively (i.e. no conversion to Sprite) for improved printing/PDF quality.
  • Elesar’s range of Titanium motherboards and accessories, plus their Mechanical Keyboards (black keyboards with classic-Acorn red function keys). The latter caught a lot of peoples’ eye at the Wakefield show, so come and check them out.

In the UK, we offer a wide range of additional products and services to back up our business (e.g. network storage to compliment our line of networking products), as well as second-hand kit on occasion. If anyone is looking for specific products and would like us to bring them, please contact us on the usual rcomp@rcomp.co.uk address.

One item of interest may be the “fully-tricked-out” Iyonix that we have available – complete with 512Mb of RAM, twin 120Gb hard drives, twin CD/DVD drives, this Iyonix is barely used (literally just a few hours use). Upgraded to 5.22, it’s available for £299.00 inc. VAT, or near offer.

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