Currency gains textile export

Kevin Wells has been released another update to Currency, a tool for checking exchange rates and various other, related tasks.

The program provides a RISC OS-friendly application that, with the aid of Wget and an internet collection, allows the user to look up current and historical exchange rates, as well as gross domestic product and population figures for different countries. It does this by turning the data entered (or selected) in its windows to one of two remote websites – API Layer for currency information, and World Bank for GDP/population figures.

The latest release – version 2.04 of the software – adds a new way to save the resulting data. It can now output Textile formatted data, which is the same type of markup used, for example, on the RISC OS Open website in the forums, etc.

Kevin readily admits that he isn’t sure how useful it might be – it probably depends if any RISC OS users happen to be on forums (or accesses a content management system) that takes Textile markup and happens to need to occasionally post the type of data produced by Currency. He also notes that he is open to adding more forum code options. Perhaps a better solution (if practical) would be to have one or more files defining how to output the information, so users can customise it to match whatever system they need to use (at the moment, the different formats are hard-coded within the program itself).

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