News nybble: Mystery new product from CJE at London Show… hopefully

And an unspecified “significant upgrade” – also hopefully!

Without even a hint at what either will be, CJE Micro’s / 4D have announced that they are “hoping to announce a significant upgrade at the show and a new product” – but do note the word ‘hoping’. Other goodies they’ve said they are bringing include the RapidO Top pi-topRO (in limited quantities), the Eastwood RapidO Ig and RapidO Ti. They’ll have Raspberry Pi 2s – which is better for software compatibility than the Pi 3 due to the processor – but they only have a limited supply remaining.

As well as the above, the extensive range of products will include USB-powered speakers available for a crisp tenner (£13.00 to include a separate power supply), and an optical three button (proper buttons, not a scroll wheel) mouse. Having sourced a cheaper supply of the mouse, it has seen a significant price reduction from £38.00 to £19.00. They’ve also acquired a small number of TNS11B Netstations, sans PSU or smartcard, and will be offering them for £35.00.

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