ArmSort version 4.08 released

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Module now ARMv7 compatible. Sorted!

ArmSort is a relocatable module from Martin Avison of Avisoft, designed to provide programmers using BBC BASIC on RISC OS computers and emulators with a very easy and fast way to sort arrays. The module can handle any number of single or multi-dimension arrays, in any combination of variable type, and with any key sequence. It features flexible parameters and comprehensive error checking, and – important for BASIC programmers – it’s fast, using the Flash and Shell sorting algorithms.

The update to version 4.08 is the first in over four years, and chief amongst the changes are that it is now ARMv7 compatible, running with alignment exceptions on – and is thus now fully compatible with the BeagleBoard, and the BeagleBoard-xM based ARMini computer.

The ArmSort application, in which the module is found, is a tool to easily generate and run BASIC programs to sort a variety of files using the module, and has been updated to version 1.02, featuring a number of minor changes and enhancements. The generated programs are intentionally single tasking, which keeps them simple and easy to understand. Contained within the ArmSort application, they can be used as a basis for other, manually written programs.

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