SQL query development tool released

If you look after (or need to access) any SQL databases, you will probably at some point need to write a query to do so; SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and is designed specifically for managing and accessing data held in relational databases.

Thomas Milius has released a piece of software to help with this very task, called DBDevTool. It was written a couple of years ago when he developed DPBasicERP – a DataPower-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; a database to handle various day-to-day business tasks – and he has now written a simple manual for DBDevTool so that it can be made available.

Given that it was written at the same time as his ERP database, unsurprisingly, DBDevTool has been developed with DataPower-based databases in mind. The program will show you information about the DataPower-based database that you point it at – tables, queries, and fields. You write your own queries in a text editor, and use DVDevTool to insert table and field names as necessary, and can show the content of your queries, etc, in programs such as Fireworkz.

Free to download, the software can be found from the Computer Activities section of Thomas’ homepage.

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