MakeMJPEG now supports more sprite formats

Thomas Milius has updated his tool for creating MJPEG movies, by adding to the range of sprite formats it supports.

The program is designed to create MJPEG files, a simple movie format that uses an individual JPEG for each frame, making it ideal for producing slideshows in a movie format, for example. The original version was intended to be controlled from third party software, with that software sending individual frames to MakeMJPEG to produce the movie file. That changed with version 0.02, which could be set to work on a folder containing a series of JPEGs, or 16-million colour sprites.

The newest version – 0.03 – expands on the sprite support, and Thomas says that it can now work with 32-thousand colour sprites (although that format hasn’t been tested), sprites that contain their own palettes, and those that are 90dpi.

Free to download, the software can be found from the Computer Activities section of Thomas’ homepage.

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