QrCode version 2.03 released

Kevin Wells has released an update to his program for generating QR Codes. Version 2.03 of QrCode deals with a couple of potential issues the application previously had.

Firstly, when a QR Code graphic was saved without using drag and drop – i.e. by pressing the Return/Enter key when the Save dialogue was open, to use the existing path and filename – the program could crash. Kevin thinks the problem here may have been caused by the use of a variable name that clashed with one used by the Dr Wimp library that he uses for his software, and he has therefore made the necessary changes.

Secondly, when the application is first run it now double checks to see if there is a copy already running, and if there is it silently quits. Kevin has made this change because QrCode saves various things into its Scrap directory, which it clears on exit – so if two copies are running at the same time, either one could cause problems for the other.

QR – or Quick Response – Codes, for anyone not aware, are the ‘two dimensional’ bar codes that are often seen on advertisements, leaflets, and so on. They are used to hold small amounts of data, often simple text strings such as URLs, so that people can just scan the code with their phone rather than type things in.

Kevin’s application produces the graphics, with a number of options on how they appear, by using Wget to relay the information typed in by the user to the QR Generator website.

If you find any of Kevin’s software useful, you could always consider rewarding him for it by buying some merchandise or with a small contribution.

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