News nybble: R-Comp and RCI at the Wakefield Show

R-Comp and RCI will be at the Wakefield Show on 27th April with a number of updated software packages. NetFetch 5.50, released earlier this month, benefits from increased security thanks to the new AcornSSL module, and Messenger Pro 8.02 gains ‘Big mode’ support on ARMBook laptops. Fireworkz Pro 2.22 sees further improvements to its database integration and more, while Genealogy Records adds support for DNA testing and matching, and other features. The ARMX6 graphics acceleration module, meanwhile, will see a new version released in time for the show with some small bug fixes.

On the hardware front, as well as a number of machines from their range from the tiny mini.m to the biggly named Titan, the new ARM-powered laptops will be on display – its first ever appearance at the Wakefield Show. The company proudly says the first sale has already been made, although the first bulk shipment of machines into their stock room (and from there to the hands of customers) is expected in May.

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