RIP Dave Clare

With great regret, I have to report the sad news that another well known name from the Acorn and RISC OS community has passed away. This time Dave Clare, of Clares Micro Supplies.

I do not know the details, but I’ve been alerted to the following, which was posted by Matt Davies on Monday in the Acorn Computer and BBC Micro Enthusiasts group on Facebook on Monday:

It’s with great sadness I have to announce that Dave Clare founder and owner of Clares micro supplies passed away yesterday.

Those of you who have been in and around the BBC and Acorn arena knew what Dave did for the industry, he was a true gentlemen and never had a bad word for anyone. Gone but never forgotten. Please share this sad news to anyone who may have known him. RIP Dave.

I didn’t know Dave personally, and I think I only ever had contact with him once or twice via the WimpBasic mailing list, when he very helpfully answered my questions with ease. One legacy he leaves behind is that although I’ve been programming much longer, I only started to write multitasking applications after buying WimpBasic, and learning to do so using that made it much easier for me to move on to writing them in C; WimpBasic provided a good grounding for that. Many thanks, Dave – here’s to you.

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