QrCode receives a little house training

A QR Code linking to this page

Kevin Wells has released a new version of his QrCode application. The software is used to produce ‘Quick Response’ codes – two dimensional bar codes that can contain a little more information than their simpler older relatives, with URLs being a common example, whereby you scan a QR Code with your phone or other device, and from there your web browser can be launched pointing to the relevant address. For example, the one used on this page – somewhat pointlessly, I admit – leads to this page.

Version 1.08 of Kevin’s application doesn’t offer any significant new features, but it does present user interface improvements, as well as some generally improved behaviour.

The least significant change is a spelling correction in the window for creating vCards (a standardised format for containing general contact details – a sort of electronic business card). More usefully, when creating a QR Code containing a vCard, the display window now comes to the front.

The program also now detects whether or not Wget has been seen by the filer, and if it hasn’t it warns the user that they either need to download and install it, or open the directory in which it is found so that it can be used. Like many of Kevin’s programs, QrCode uses Wget to communicate with a remote site – in this case the QR Code generator – in order to carry out its assigned task.

Finally, the new version now tidies up after itself by clearing out its Scrap files when it is quit.

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