AMCOG Development Kit updated to version 1.09.1

And a new ‘case study’ game thrown into the mix

BASIC games programmers who use the AMCOG Development Kit to make the process easier can now fetch a new version of the kit, which has been updated to v1.09.1. Features added to this version include:

Quebix Attack, the new case study game in the AMCOG Development Kit
Quebix Attack, the new case study game in the AMCOG Development Kit.
  • A new ‘case study’ game, which means there are now four games included with the kit. The new game is called Quebix Attack, and is a basic ‘shoot ’em up’ and provides a seven stage study for game development, covering level management, animation, collision detection, and more.
  • A front-end for AMCOG’s RISC OS Digital Signature Processor module (RDSP). The module aims to make the RISC OS sound system both easier to use and provide more scope in what can be done with it, such as providing support for BASIC’s ENVELOPE command. The new front-end makes it easier to create ENVELOPE commands as a procedure.
  • A new ‘Welcome disc’ style example has been included to demonstrate how to use that procedure.
  • Library updates have been added, taken from two of AMCOG’s recent games – Star Mine and SCUBA Hunter.
  • The kit now also includes USB joystick support.

There are also additional resources available for would-be game programmers to make use of, with new sound samples, graphics, and music tracks, and the kit’s documentation has seen significant improvement, with the inclusion of a new 30 page manual, with index.

As the Development Kit has seen some substantial updates since its original release, all the way back in 2017, its price has also been updated, though a touch less significantly – it now costs £17.99, and can be found in !Store. However, anyone who has already purchased the kit can still enjoy free updates, all via !Store. (If you purchased the software at a show, look for an inlay card in the packaging with a code to gain you access to the updates).

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