CJE Micro’s and 4D bringing new toys to Wakefield

Well, newish – the first time at this particular show.

Having missed the recent Southwest Show, CJE Micro’s and 4D will be at the Wakefield Show this Saturday, and will be bringing along two products for their first ever trip to the show, having been released since the last one.

Those two products are the RaspberryRO Lite, a slimmed-down version of their Pi-based RaspberryRO system, and the SmallyMouse2, a USB to Quadrature mouse adaptor that allow the use of a modern USB mouse with an Acorn series computer – with versions available for Acorn’s ARM-based systems, as well as their 8-bit BBC Micro range.

Of course, we’re talking CJE Micro’s here – the little shop with a lot of stock – so they won’t just be bringing those two items. No, they’ll also be bringing along a cable that I’ve ordered.

Oh, and some other stuff as well:

The company’s stand will also be home to a selection of models from their RapidO range of machines, based around different system boards as indicated by the suffix to their names – for example the RapidO Ti sports a Titanium motherboard at its heart, while the RapidO Ig contains an IGEP v5.

In addition to this, there will be the usual large selection of, well, just about everything from cables and connectors, various peripherals, and much, much more – including stocks of the very latest version of the Raspberry Pi – the 3B+.

However, Chris Evans and Andrew Conroy will be travelling between Worthing and Wakefield in a car, which means they have limited space – so if you have something specific that you’d like to buy from them at the show, you are advised to give them a call on 01903 523 222 (make that +44 instead of 0 at the start if calling from outwith mainland UK) to arrange for them to bring it.

For the return journey, there has been a generous offer to help transport items back down to the South coast, so if you have any old, unused Acorn kit, CJE would be happy to take it off your hands. They have a particular interest in network cards (NICs or Podules), IDE or Mini Podules, Acorn computers, as well as almost anything else related to them and the world of RISC OS. For a full list, please refer to their ‘Most Wanted‘ page.

In some cases, there may be the option of exchanging the items – particularly for items such as Net100s and UniPods – for cold, hard cash, so if you have something they may be interested in, get in touch prior to the show to agree a price.

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