Star Mine – a 3D-perspective space game from AMCOG

At the London Show last month, AMCOG Games released a new 3D-perspective game – and that game, Star Mine, is now available to purchase from !Store.

The game pits you as the pilot of a Zeus-class mining ship in an alien mining zone in deep space. Asteroids selected for mining are held in areas of space surrounded by a laser energy field, accessed through wormholes – and the aliens that built the mines are likely to be defensive about an intruder trying to exploit their technology!

With inspiration for the visuals taken from classic science fiction films and TV shows, Star Mine is a first person perspective 3D space game featuring high quality images of some of the various objects found in the game – achieved by taking photographs from multiple angles of physical models, some existing objects chosen for use in the game, others built specifically for the purpose.

The game features:

  • Hi-resolution detailed 3D-graphics.
  • 360 degree rotation, with the ability to ascend and descend.
  • Five in-game music tracks, and one theme produced using professional synthesisers (including classic 1980s analogue instruments).
  • Synthesised sound effects created in real time using RDSP.
  • User definable keys.
  • Ability to use a USB game controller.
  • Six level maps.

The option of using a USB controller is a RISC OS 5 feature, and has been tested with a Raspberry Pi ‘SNES-style’ contoller on a 1, 2, and 3 Pi, as well as an ARMX6. Star Mine is the first game from AMCOG to make use of a controller – but hopefully won’t be the last.

If you want to see the game in action, there is a video available to watch on YouTube – and once you’ve done so, Star Mine can be purchased for £11.99 from !Store, and as ever with AMCOG’s games, full source code is included.

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