R-Comp unlocks LockScreen 1.17

Just ahead of the London Show on Saturday, 26th October, a new version of LockScreen has been released by R-Comp.

The software is intended to provide an improved level of security to the start up of RISC OS computers, or when they’re left idle, by locking the system and presenting a password prompt when the user wishes to gain access and use it. The lock screen presented to the user is customisable, and it is compatible with DPMS (Display Power Management System). Importantly, it is designed to make it difficult to bypass via the more common RISC OS workarounds.

Version 1.17, a free upgrade for existing users, has had some changes to make it more responsive to clicks by the user, and so more responsive when the time comes to return to work from those long lunch breaks at the local watering hole, and brings it into line with the version used on the ARMbook – R-Comp’s new laptop.

With options to log accesses to the computer, and report the most recent log-in times, the software is a neat solution to the problem of being able to leave a computer unattended and keep out prying eyes.

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