Transient becomes more robust with version 2.09

Fred Graute has released version 2.09 of Transient, a utility designed to present an easy to access, temporary storage location on your hard drive – but one that is, er, less transient than the RAM drive, as the files stored there don’t disappear when the computer is shut down. The program creates a new subdirectory each day, and anything saved within is kept until you choose to delete them – or, if you choose the Logan’s Run option, until they reach a certain age.

The new version addresses an issue whereby attempting to create a directory could cause an error if the directory already exists. This problem didn’t occur if Transient was using a RISC OS filing system for the location of its temporary storage, but could on some ‘foreign’ systems, perhaps accessed remotely over a network.

Another improvement is that it no longer seeks confirmation about creating directories – where it would previously have done this, Transient now simply goes ahead and creates the directory. It also now uses the index of a string set to work out what to do rather than the text for the selected item, which allows translation of the string set.

A number of minor errors have also been dealt with – and under the bonnet, some code has been updated to account for Fred’s own changes to the AppBasic libraries in use, and some dead code removed. The result of all the changes should be a more robust piece of software.

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