R-Comp looking for a Dutch/English translator

Because it’s all Dutch English to one of their customers!

R-Comp have put out a request for someone to help translate some material from English to Dutch.

The company has been contacted by a Dutch customer whose English skills are not very good, and who is therefore having trouble reading up on the software he has purchased. The instructions and tutorial are written in English, and due to his limited English, he would obviously like to be able to read it in his native tongue.

R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley explains that the company doesn’t have the skills to translate to Dutch in-house, but they are hoping that someone in the Netherlands would be able to offer to assist. (Although strictly speaking, it doesn’t have to be someone from that region who also speaks good English, it could also be someone from another region who speaks both good English and good Dutch!)

So if you can speak both languages, have a little time to spare, and are willing to spend a bit of that time translating from one language to the other, please get in touch with R-Comp – there may be a bit of free software in it as a thank you.

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