pi-topRO finally superseded by pi-topRO v2

Available in any colour you like, as long as you like bright green!

The pi-top is a Raspberry Pi-based laptop that began its commercial life as a crowd-funded project in 2015, and CJE Micro’s released a RISC OS flavoured version in 2016 called the RapidO Top pi-topRO.

Since then, a new version of the pi-top has been released – but a slight technical hitch meant that CJE weren’t able to bring out an updated version of the pi-topRO. That hitch being that the Application Programmer Interfaces (or APIs) needed for the RISC OS version had changed, and details were not forthcoming.

However, according to Chris Evans, that information finally found its way to them about a month ago, and as a result, the pi-topRO version 2 is finally available.

The laptop’s display is improved over the original version, replacing its 13.6″ 1366×768 screen with a 14″ 1920×180 one, and the original 82 key keyboard has been replaced with one sporting a much more generous 87 keys (albeit still, like the original, the US layout).

The new version features a Raspberry Pi 3 model B, with 1GB RAM, a WiFi Nano router for wireless connectivity, RISC OS 5 pre-installed, applications to handle powering off on shutdown, monitoring the battery level and estimating the usable time remaining, controlling the screen brightness, and more.

The pi-topRO v2 is priced at £549.00 including VAT – slightly confusingly, since the original pi-topRO was a 4D product, meaning there was no VAT.

There is also a software upgrade pack available to existing pi-top v2 users (i.e. those who have opted for a DIY route) from £64.00, and a hardware and software pack – like the software pack, but including things like the Nano router) from £139. These latter two are 4D products, so there is no VAT.

Postage is included in all three prices.

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