Font Directory Pro reaches into the clipboard

Allows text to be pasted into the viewer application.

Elesar Ltd has just released an update to popular font management package Font Directory Pro. The package, which consists of a suite of applications to help manage large collections of fonts, was originally developed by LOOK Systems and is now being maintained by the same company that brought us the Titanium motherboard, amongst other things.

The update brings the version number up to 3.23, and is described by Elesar as a minor update over the previous version. However, it does add a very useful feature, as suggested by a user: The viewer application can now have the text in the global clipboard pasted into it, thus making it a little easier to use your chosen text in that preview.

As well as the new feature, a bug has been sent scurrying: In some circumstances, a large collections of fonts, typically weighing in at over 100MB in a partition over 300MB, could cause a bad font path that could in turn cause some applications to crash.

The full suite, which can be purchased for £45.00 including VAT – or £22.50 as an upgrade from any earlier 3.xx version – includes facilities to:

  • Control which fonts, or font families, are seen by the system and therefore any running applications. Fonts can be enabled or disabled dynamically, so you can choose the available fonts on the fly.
  • View the range of fonts as a grid, or preview your text in a variety of styles – with the global clipboard now a possible source for that text.
  • Manage your font collection using the built-in font partition, which is stored in the FontFS filing system.
  • Group your fonts as needed for different types of work flow, allowing you to quickly find the right type of font for your current task.
  • Configure the suite and customise how it works.
  • Protect your font collection with a password, so that any changes you make can only be deliberate and not accidental.

The software is compatible with all versions of RISC OS from 3.xx and above.

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