Titanium PC and keyboard offer from Elesar

If you’ve been pondering a new RISC OS computer, there are quite a range available, but most new hardware is based on the operating system having been ported to an ARM-based platform that exists for other reasons (or other operating systems). Similarly, if you’d like a new keyboard, there are plenty to choose from, but almost none with a RISC OS connection.

Elesar helps you become more ‘Eco’ friendly

Well, helps your RiscPC connect to Econet, anyway If you were a user of Acorn machines in the 8-bit era, you’ll almost certainly be aware of Econet, Acorn’s networking solution, which began life in the early 1980s. The concept didn’t end with the machines of that era, though, and was supported on Acorn’s ARM-based computers, right up to and including those from the RiscPC-era, with an Econet module available for them.

Elesar raises four points

Well, point releases for four products – TextEase, CloudFS, Prophet, and the WiFi Hat Over the last few weeks there have updates to four of Elesar Ltd‘s products, all being ‘point’ releases. This generally means the least significant digit of a version number has been increased, usually indicating minor changes. A small change, however, isn’t necessarily an unimportant one – so these are the four items that have seen changes that you may wish to benefit from.

Elesar musters up Debian Buster – a new Linux build for Titanium

As well as RISC OS, Titanium owners have had the option of using Linux on their system since the motherboard’s launch; it could be purchased from Elesar Ltd bundled with either RISC OS or Linux – and since April 2016, owners of the RISC OS version have had the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds; a RISC OS-based Titanium that could launch from RISC OS into Linux via the GoLinux application.

News nybble: Buy from Elesar now, collect on Saturday

If you’re heading towards the Southwest Show in Bristol on Saturday, and there’s something you’ve been thinking of buying from Elesar Ltd, now is the time to do it. The company is once again offering a ‘click and collect’ option for physical goods, which shaves off the postage cost for physical goods. If the option is chosen when an order is placed, nstead of the goods being posted out, they will be brought to the show for collection there – just pop along to the RISC OS Open Ltd stand…