BusTimes gains more stops

Kevin Wells has released version 1.02 of his bus timetable application, BusTimes. The software can show the user which buses arrive at a given stop and at what times, and clicking on a button for a particular bus will display its route and timetable.

The update increases the number of stops the program can display for the chosen route from 60 to 85, making it more practical to plan a journey on a longer route. Another change is that where there are no buses, rather than a blank window it now displays the message “No buses at the moment.”

In order to find the times for a stop, you need to input the ATCO Code for it – but if you don’t have it, the software can also find it from its longitude and latitude, or its postcode. The ATCO Code is a unique reference assigned to a bus stop in the UK, and there are a number of ways to obtain them – such as via OpenStreetMap (and therefore, presumably, RiscOSM).

In order to work, BusTimes needs Wget to be available, along with a working internet connection. The software draws the data about bus stops and times from the Transport API website.

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