StrongHelp 2.90 released with three claws

Oops, sorry, I meant released under a three clause licence. Silly me.

Fred Graute has released a new version of StrongHelp with some changes not only to the software, but also to the licence under which it is available – now the three-clause BSD licence.

The software is designed to be a simple hypertext system, and considering its original release was at least twenty four years ago it has certainly proven the test of time, and remains a popular method of distributing manuals with RISC OS software.

As well as the change of licence, the new version outputs any warnings – those shown in a StrongHelp window – to SysLog, which means there is now a record of those messages. A bug has also been addressed whereby the redraw code, changed in version 2.89, didn’t catch aborts resulting from instances of the #Sprite command referring to non-existent sprites. The redraw code in that version also led to vertical misalignments between text and sprites when very small icons were used – and this has also been addressed.

Finally, the workaround implemented to avoid running !Pre files unnecessarily had some issues, and has been changed. The purpose of the workaround is so that users running RISC OS on ARMv7 system can open manuals that are no longer maintained, and which still contain a 26-bit !Pre file.







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