Xeroid: a new 3d perspective game for RISC OS

It’s not what you get if you feed steroids to a photocopier!

Launched at this year’s Wakefield Show, AmCoG Games new 3D perspective, vector graphic game Xeroid is now available for general purchase.

Based on a similar idea to Fervour, originally released by Clares Micro Supplies in 1993, the game sees you guiding your craft along a track, with the blackness of space forming the backdrop – your goal being to remain on the track, overcoming obstacles to reach the end.

Xeroid screen grab, courtesy of AmCoG Games - click for a larger version
Xeroid screen grab, courtesy of AmCoG Games – click for a larger version

You are travelling on a highway through space. If you leave the highway your ship will cease to function an will be sucked into a black hole. The highway is also perilous! If you ride over certain coloured segments your ship will be affected. For example, green surfaces accelerate your ship whilst purple causes the ship to hover.

Costing £9.99 and available from !Store, the game features seven levels – with more planned, and which will be available as free updates – and four original music tracks, penned by the game’s developer Tony Bartram.

Xeroid is compatible with RISC OS 5 on a Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 – indeed, it was being demonstrated on a Pi at Wakefield – as well as BeagleBoard and PandaBoard-based systems, the Iyonix, ARMX6, and RPCEmu. There’s no mention on that list of IGEPv5 or Titanium-based computers, such as the Eastwood RapidO from CJE Micro’s – but that’s presumably because none of Tony’s testers had access to one, so if either of those is what you’re using, it’ll probably be worth contacting him. As for VirtualAcorn compatibility, Tony explains that’s under test at the moment, and the game will be updated if necessary to make it work on RISC OS 4.


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