See double* at the Southwest Show with Titanium

And you won’t even need to go to the bar first!

The Titanium motherboard from Elesar Ltd features a pair of DVI-I video connectors, each of which is capable of driving a 1920 x 1080 display, with full 24-bit colour – and visitors to the the Southwest Show on Saturday will be able to see it doing just that, with both video outputs being utilised to display a single desktop spanning two screens.

The extra screen real estate gained from running a computer with multiple screens can offer a number of benefits, and Elesar Ltd included the following examples when announcing that this will be demonstrated at the show:

  • Have reference material open on one screen while writing a document on the other.
  • Span whole counties in one gulp with a RiscOSM map maximised, yet still leaving space for the email containing driving directions.
  • Debug applications with all the source code/header files open in easy reach.
  • Touch up high definition photos in your favourite editor package and compare side by side with the original.

The update that enables this facility in RISC OS will be available to existing Titanium users straight after the show.

Elesar says that, in conjunction with RISC OS Open Ltd, they’ll be looking at how best to adapt RISC OS to be multi head-aware – to avoid some obvious gotchas, such as windows that are opened centred on screen don’t end up half on one display and half on the other.


*Strictly speaking, you won’t be seeing double, since the two screens will form a larger overall desktop, rather than both show the same thing.

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