CJE & 4D at the RISC OS eXperience next weekend in The Netherlands

Announcement from Chris Evans, 8th May, 2014.

CJE Micro‘s and 4D are pleased to be attending the RISC OS eXperience near Amsterdam on Saturday 17th May, 2014.

We will have with us most of ‘The world‘s largest range of PandaBoard and Raspberry Pi systems and accessories’, including the PandaRO: The most advanced ARM RISC OS computer so far! We will also have many other RISC OS
related hardware and software items for PandaBoard, Raspberry Pi and RiscPCs, mice, keyboards, monitors, Wifi adaptors… and much much more.

If you‘’re wanting anything specific then please let us know by next Wednesday so we can bring it with us; we may have room to bring one or two larger items

Spring clear out

If you have any old Acorn/RISC OS kit you no longer use, we probably will be able to find it good homes and would very gratefully receive anything you don’‘t need. We won’t be able to take very large items but please contact us if in doubt or bring them along. RiscPCs, BBC Masters, Master PSU and Keyboards, BBC programming books, BBC games etc. would all be welcomed.

The launch of the Raspberry Pi Compute‘ module offers many tantalising opportunities. I do hope to be able to give a short talk about a number of plans we have for the ‘Compute Module’.

For details about the RISC OS eXperience show, please see the website.

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