Keeping tabs on more MPs

Big brother is you are watching you them.

Kevin Wells, who seems to have a bit of a penchant for writing applications to keep tabs on MPs, has added two more to the line up.

MSPData+ can be used to obtain details of the eight Members of the Scottish Parliament for any given Scottish postcode, and MLAData+ can be used to fetch details of the six Members of the Northern Irish Assembly for a Northern Irish postcode.

The details retrieved by each application includes the name, party, constituency and when they entered either the Scottish Parliament or the Northern Irish Assembly, and the apps also provide buttons for more information about the person, and their last four debates – however, Kevin notes that both have made changes to their respective sites, and the TheyWorkForYou parser, from which his application actually retrieves the data, has stopped working. Hopefully, this should only be a temporary problem.

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