QuizMaker becomes 32-bit

Which of these is the correct answer to this question? A: Yes, B: No, C: Whut?

Complementing QuizMaster, a title released by Jon Robinson’s ArchieSoft last year, a 32-bit version of the application to create quizzes is now available. That application – QuizMaker – was previously only compatible with older, 26-bit machines, such as the RiscPC and A7000.

QuizMaker is supplied alongside QuizMaster, and is available from both !Store, and eBay, and sells for £20 with the software delivered by email, with a CD costing an additional £2 in the UK, or £4 for anywhere further afield. For those who have purchased QuizMaster already, and who would therefore like the 32-bit version of QuizMaker, Jon can be reached by email at ‘castlevarich – at – yahoo – dot – co – dot – uk’1

The software is a useful tool for anyone creating resources for use in Sunday schools, activity centres, or by home educators – or even just for a little family fun, to help sharpen the minds of the younger family members in a more informal way; as well as testing someone’s existing knowledge, a well thought out, interesting and entertaining quiz can stimulate interest in new subjects.

Five quizzes are included in the package, covering British steam engines, nature, British birds, ancient Egyptians and world foodstuffs, and Jon says he is working on new quizzes on the subjects of classic Doctor Who and the ancient world – and suggests that people contact him with ideas or requests for additional new quizzes they’d like to see.

QuizMaster was original written as an educational title by Xavier Educational Software. Xavier was formed in the late 1980s with the aim of developing software for the BBC Micro that was suitable for the syllabus of the Bangor Dyslexia Unit (which is now the Miles Dyslexia Centre). Some of their core software was adapted to run on RISC OS computers but, eventually, Windows was adopted as the platform of choice, and the software was rewritten accordingly. QuizMaster was the last piece of RISC OS software developed by Xavier – and the version released by ArchieSoft includes various improvements.


  1. Unfortunately, while the preference on RISCOSitory is to use a mailto: link where possible, ultimately it’s the owner of the address that specifies the format: Jon included his in the body of his announcement in that format.

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