RISC OS eXperience 2013 – tomorrow

Hang on, this is RISCOSitory.com, isn’t it, not lastminute.com?

The Big Ben Club, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, will be hosting its annual RISC OS eXperience (English version) show tomorrow, 25th May 2013.

Taking place between 10am and 4pm, the “2013 edition” of the show will be held in the same Amsterdam venue as previous years:

Wijkgebouw de Vuister (District Building “The Vuister”)
Molenwerf 44
1541 WR Koog aan de Zaan

Directions and a map can be found on the show website, including a floorplan of the building. Admission will be free, and refreshments available at a reasonable price. There is free parking and a train station nearby, with a bus stop at the entrance.

R-Comp have confirmed that they will be attending the event, and will be bringing along their range of software, hardware, peripherals and support packages for the whole range of modern RISC OS systems, but given the physical size of some items, Andrew did suggest visitors contacted them first by email if they were interested in specific items – though it’s probably a bit too late now. (Sorreeeeee).

There are two planned talks for the show according to the website. The second of these, taking place at 1pm, is Dick Tanis discussing the Dutch version of RISC OS – but the first, taking place at 11am, is Leo Smiers, with a talk entitled “Introduction [to the] Raspberry Pi”. This talk reflects the intended theme of the day, which is to “focus on the introduction and support of RISC OS and Raspberry Pi amongst Dutch users,” which neatly ties in with the Big Ben Club’s plans for how to celebrate their 30th anniversary: They intend to hand out free Raspberry Pis, with an SD card containing RISC OS, to longstanding members.

The Picano multi-function case for the Raspberry Pi - photo by Manu T.
The Picano multi-function case for the Raspberry Pi – photo by Manu T.

Coinciding with this, the Belgian RISC OS community commissioned an industrial designer to come up with a special case for the Raspberry Pi. The final designs have been shown to the RISCOS.be club and, due to their longstanding friendship with the Dutch Big Ben Club, the commercial release of that case, called The Picano – punning Pi with Meccano – will take place at the 2013 eXperience.

A "multi pi" of Raspberry Pis - photo by Manu T.
A “multi pi” of Raspberry Pis – photo by Manu T.

The Picano is intended to be a multi-functional case that can be used both on the desktop and mounted on the 10cm vesa-mount found on the rear of typical flat panel displays, and it’s also possible to mount several cases together to form a cluster – which Manu T, who provided me with details and photos of the case, described in truly puntastic fashion as a “multi pi.”


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