Pi Plus B Plus

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 18th October, 2014.

R-Comp is pleased to announce a special promotion running from now through ’til Christmas, with an emphasis on the London show this weekend.You may well be familiar with our Pi Plus Support Scheme, which combines our generous RISC OS software bundle, support, community, mailing list, downloads and ongoing “two-click” OS/disc upgrades. If not, please check out the ARMini website for more details.

Back to the topic in hand. In order to celebrate the Pi B+, we’ve developed a package that includes a B+ model Pi, a case, high-speed 32gb disc, and all the goodies included in the Pi Plus Support Scheme (1 year), for £99.99. That means you’ll be able to power up your Pi B+ and be ready to go with a reliable, high speed, high capacity disc packed with all the latest goodies from Pi Plus (including our recent SP7 release).

The software included on the 32Gb card (roughly a gigabyte or so) includes items alone worth around the asking price, and a year of PiPlus normally costs £69.99. As such, we hope you agree that this represents an excellent bundle.

You can order this over the phone (there’ll be a small P&P charge by post, for obvious reasons), or come and grab your Pi Plus B Plus deal at the show.

For existing Pi Plus members, the latest OS and SP7 downloads add support for model B+, and if you’d like the B+, case and card this can be done for a reduced fee.

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