USB multimeter reader app released

Get the application from its ohm page.

In May, Dave Higton released an application to display, and optionally log, data from a Maplin N56FU multimeter – a device for measuring electrical properties such as AC and DC voltage, current and resistance.

The app, N56FU should work with any RISC OS computer with a USB interface, with the sole current exception of the Raspberry Pi, though the developer hopes that can be addressed at some point in the future, asking on the software’s web page for anyone who can help to contact him – his contact details can be found on his website, as well as in the application’s help file.

Dave, who regularly announces the Southampton Acorn User Group meetings, also notes that it’s possible other digital multimeters with USB interfaces may work with a protocol that is similar to the N56FU, or possibly even identical. If so his N56FU application should work with them with little or no modification. If anyone tries, irrespective of whether or not their attempts are successful, he would like to hear from them.

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