Reporter 2.67 available

Not a hack, but a tool for hackers – and sometimes the hacked off

Reporter is an application by Martin Avison that provides a way for Wimp applications (especially those written in BASIC), Obey files, assembler programs, and so on, to easily display text and variable values in a debugging window, and as such can be a very useful tool for programmers – and it can also be used to help diagnose other problems, reporting on what’s happening during the boot process, for example.

Version 2.67 is now available from the Avisoft website, which includes the following changes since version 2.66:

  • *ReportHeap now caters for changes in RISC OS v5.18, and can give error.
  • The output from *ReportDump can now be in words rather than bytes.
  • Reporter no longer reports on its own star commands!
  • Reporter can now be run on BeagleBoard based systems with alignment exceptions switched on.
  • The program should work without problems on the Raspberry Pi.

There are also significant improvements for programming in ARM assembler, especially from BASIC:

  • SWI Report_Registers and FNReport now support printf-style output
  • FNReport has major changes to remove code expansion, while reducing added debug code and removing limits. It now supports condition codes.
  • FNReportOn and FNReportOff added to enable easier control.
  • PROCReportPatch added to enable easy patching of existing code.

Martin also adds that as well as these new features, there could also be some new bugs!

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