Infozip now BeagleBoard compatible

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Less forking, more working

Harriet Bazley has released a new version of Infozip – version 3.07 – the desktop front-end application that provides a Filer-like front end to the free Info-ZIP command line programs, allowing part or all of a zip archive to be extracted or added using a desktop interface rather than the command-line.

“Prompted by the need for a BeagleBoard-compatible version of Infozip,” Harriet explains, “I have finally combined the forked source code from Christopher’s versions 3.04 and 3.05 and some of the changes/bugfixes I made for an abortive version 3.10 into what I hope is a functional v3.07 release.”

The main changes in this version are:

  • The application is now distributed with ARMv6/v7 compatible versions of the Info-ZIP programs.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby an “Illegal window handle” error was produced on RISC OS 5 computers after pressing F12.
  • The WimpSlot is set prior to running the (new, larger) back-end programs, instead of relying on the value in the Next slot.
  • The &DDC filetype is no longer forcibly claimed.
  • The application will now load zip files (filetype &A91), although editing them still causes problems due to limitations in the back-end.

Harriet also points out that although a ‘front-end only’ download has been provided for this release, it is better to download the full distribution archive, since that also contains the updated Info-ZIP command line programs, which are the main point of this release.

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