The 2011 RISC OS London Show looms

Hopefully, everyone in the RISC OS world is already aware that this coming Saturday, 29th October, is the date of this year’s RISC OS London Show, the last major event of 2011 for our little community. The show is to be held in the same venue as last year, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham, with doors opening to the public from 11am, and remaining open until 5pm.

Exhibitors to this year’s show include many of the usual suspects, those who tend to appear at most, if not all of the main RISC OS events, and some of whom may be yet to unveil something new – with luck, I’ll be able to do a more detailed pre-show round-up on the evening before the show. In the meantime, however, a couple of new attractions can be easily spotted on the exhibitors list:

One is Keith Dunlop’s intruigingly named “Usable Range“, the website for which currently only tells us that it’s something British, and something to do with audio.

The other, which everybody must know about by now, is the appearance of the new Raspberry Pi computer – a low cost board designed with the goal of getting people programming and developing again.

So that’s Saturday, 29th October, 2011, at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham. I’ll be there – will you?

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