Drag ‘n Drop ceases publication

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With all but one of the subscription based RISC OS magazines having ceased publication, back in 2009 Paul Stewart decided to launch a new magazine – Drag ‘n Drop – and, avoiding the pressure and commitment brought about by taking subscriptions, each issue of the magazine was published online as a PDF file which users could download after purchasing.

Two years and two volumes of four issues later, it appears from comments on the Drag ‘n Drop website that Paul has decided to cease publication.

Paul hasn’t provided a reason in those comments, but it’s probably a reasonable assumption that in the sadly very small RISC OS community, the amount of time, effort and money he was putting into the magazine wasn’t being recouped in sales. I’ve sent him an email asking if he’d like to expand on his decision, and I will update this post if he replies.

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1 comment on “Drag ‘n Drop ceases publication

  1. trevj

    This is a real shame, as Drag ‘n Drop has played an important part on the Acorn/RISC OS scene recently. Its closure will surely be felt by many, but hopefully will also mean that Paul has more time to pursue other projects!

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