Feb 162015

I said do you speak-a my-language? He just smiled and gave me a Messenger update!

A new version of Messenger Pro has been released by R-Comp.

Described by the company as “the premier email solution for RISC OS”, Messenger Pro is a comprehensively featured email client, supporting both POP3 and SMTP (by way of secondary transport applications such as Hermes, itself part of other commercial offerings from R-Comp, or POPStar, a free alternative) as well as IMAP. The software also provides usenet access, with NewsHound being used to fetch and send the messages over NNTP. Continue reading »

May 192013

Violent streak makes up for its small size.

Along with the usual comp.sys.acorn.* usenet groups read by many RISC OS users, another group that might be worth a look is a new group set up to focus on the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi.

comp.sys.raspberry-pi went live on 2nd April, and is likely to carry more posts from users of operating systems such as Raspbian rather than RISC OS, though our favourite system has cropped up a small number of times in the month or so since the group was created. Continue reading »

Jul 032012

Minor niggle knocked back.

R-Comp have sent out a new version of their news and email client, Messenger Pro, to users.

The new version makes it easier to use the software’s facilities to save one or more messages to an external location on your hard drive – or to another location on your network, or an external storage medium. Until now, in order to access these files, Messenger Pro needed to be already running, but the update to 6.06 enables these messages to be opened even if the application hasn’t yet been loaded. Continue reading »