WinEd 3.26 released

After a decade of gathering dust that ended when Steve Fryatt took a look at the application, releasing a new version last month, WinEd has been updated again. This time, as well as looking at a few bugs, Steve has paid particular attention to the way it exports icon names, and re-implemented that feature completely.

WinEd gets its first significant update in a decade

News that will be of particular interest to developers, popular template editor WinEd has been receiving some attention. The application was originally developed by Tony Houghton as a better solution for creating and editing template files than TemplEd, the application Acorn supplied for the task. After Tony stopped working on it, Adam Richardson maintained for a time, and his last release was in 2009. In the intervening period, with changes to RISC OS, it had started to fall behind, suffering problems on newer versions of the operating system.