Out now! Drag ‘N Drop volume 5 issue 2

Announcement from Christopher Dewhurst, 10th January, 2014

Drag ‘N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF, mainly for users of RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi but content will be of interest to all RISC OS 5 users.

Volume 5 issue 2 is chock full of RISC OS stuff:

  • News, Beginner’s Tips, Application Updates.
  • GPIO for beginners – control LEDs from the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO port with Morse code and dancing LEDs listings.
  • Winglebith – arcade game: guide Winglebith around the maze disposing of radioactive cannisters. Full sprites and listing.
  • Stick ‘N Drag – Want a quick way of processing something you drag to the icon bar but don’t want to learn that Wimp stuff? This is for you…
  • Writing you own App – …on the other hand, you can start writing a calculator applicaton with our illustrated guide.
  • Mr Frog’s Armcode – an irreverant look at programming in machine code with Mr Frog.
  • Anatomy of a Drawfile – create dazzling Draw displays of fonts with the second part of our series investigating the structure of Drawfiles.
  • Mae2PMS – Music publishing made professional with our Maestro-to-PMS converter.
  • Colour Co-Ordinated – learn about 256 colour modes.
  • WinEd Tutorial – learn how to use the template editor to create windows for your Wimp programs.
  • Music with PMS – we round off our series on Music writing with Philips Music Scribe.
  • Working with Unicode – how it’s (just about) possible on RISC OS.
  • Book Reviews – Rasperry Pi RISC OS System Programming is one of the books under our spotlight.
  • BBC Games Retrospective – the last part of our look into BBC Micro games.

Articles are written in an informal style designed to encourage new or returning users and programmers.


We are now on !Store. Drag ‘N Drop cost £4.00 per issue when purchased this way but you also get the “type in” listings as well!

Each issue of Drag ‘N Drop costs £3.00 on a pay-as-you go basis when purchased through the Drag ‘N Drop website. You can “try before you buy”: free samples are available for free download.

If using Netsurf and Paypal to purchase Drag ‘N Drop please remember to disable javascript1. We also recommend viewing Drag ‘N Drop in GView rather than PDF.

  1. Click menu on Netsurf’s Iconbar icon > Choices > Content > Disable JavaScript

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