Midlands show returns as a virtual event

In recent months, particularly in announcements for their user group meetings, you may have seen references to a show to be organised in 2022 by the Midlands User Group – a resurrection of their old Midsummer MUG Show. And if you happened to look on RISCOSitory at any point over the last few days, you may well have noticed that a banner has appeared in the sidebar for just such a show.

The show page(s) on the group’s website were updated at the end of November with the show’s details – with some discussion in those user group meetings for a couple of months before that -so the date has been in the wild for at least that long, but the group has now formally announced the return of the Midlands Midsummer MUG Show, to be held online using the Zoom system.

The virtual event will take place on Saturday, 2nd July, and will run from 11:00am until 4:00pm – with absolutely no charge to attend.

The group is planning to hold the show as a set of separate rooms within the Zoom system, each given over to a different topic or exhibitor, allowing you to drop in and out of them as you please, visiting one exhibitor or another much as you might wander from one stand to the next at a physical event.

You can expect to find rolling presentations, videos, how-to guides, and guest speakers as you traverse the virtual event over the course of the day – and you’ll even be able to venture off into a virtual lounge to have an informal chat with other RISC OS users.

Want to exhibit at the virtual show?

To date, six virtual rooms are booked, and the group would like to see more – so if you are have something you’d like to show off, why not get in touch with them to arrange your participation?

As an exhibitor, you won’t have to man your room for the duration of the show – you can have your computer logged-in and running a rolling presentation of some kind for most of the show, and arrange to be present for a talk or a Q&A at specific times. With a second computer and a seperate log-in, you can do that and visit other rooms and exhibitors as they day rolls on.

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