Follow the Hobbit’s journey with KevNav

Yes, it can now take you there and back again.

Kevin Wells has released an update to his latest application, KevNav, a route finding tool that uses Wget to look up directions from one place to another on the Transport API website.

The step-by-step directions, once found, are displayed in a window from which they can be saved to disc in a number of formats, including KML (Keyhole Markup Language) which is particularly useful if you have a mapping application, such as RiscOSM, to plot the directions on a map.

The new version of KevNav benefits from a number of improvements, but the headline feature is a ‘Return’ button, so that once you’ve found a route from A to B, a single click will provide you with a return route – which may not always be the same as the outbound route in reverse.

Other changes include the total time and distance for the route now being shown with the final step, and the timings for each step are now shown in a more verbose – and hopefully clearer – format than previously. Kevin has also corrected a few spelling mistakes that had slipped in previously.

If you find KevNav or any of Kev’s other applications useful, consider rewarding him with a few quid, or by buying some merchandise.

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