Elesar’s WiFi Manager updated to cope with extra sign-in steps

Users of the WiFi HAT hardware from Elesar Ltd can now download an update to the WiFi Manager software component in time for the London Show on Saturday.

Version 1.06 of the software is a ‘hotel ready’ version, in that it is now better able to cope with extra sign-in steps needed when connecting to some hotspots – such as those you might find in, say, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham, where the show takes place. Existing customers can download the update from the product page on Elesar’s website.

The software can now auto-detect instances where, even though it has been connected to a WiFi hotspot, further steps are needed before that connection can actually be used – such as entering a room number, or a token value from a train ticket. Once the software recognises that something like this is needed, the icon bar icon changes to show a PIN graphic, and clicking on the icon with Select will launch a browser for the sign-in page redirection, though you should note that not all such sign-ins work this way, and some may require a web browser capable of handling extensive javascript to process the sign-in.

Elesar Ltd will be at the show on Saturday with a selection of products available to buy using contactless payment methods, and you will be able to see demonstrations of the software titles available.

And if there is something you want to buy ahead of the show and collect on the day – perhaps something unusual that might not be brought along, or something you fear may be sold out before you can get there – you can pre-order from the Elesar website. Just select ‘Pick up at Feltham’ at the shipping stage, and the item will be brought along to the show for you and held until you can collect it.

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