Sine Nomine Software at the Wakefield Show

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 10th April, 2014.

The Wakefield Show is not very far off now: just over two weeks away. Sine Nomine Software will be attending and we will have some upgrades and hopefully some brand new software available on the day.

Impact, the relational database package, has been improved to support a much wider range of image files than before. Previously you could have sprite files in records and that was it. Now the system supports Sprite, JPEG and Draw files as a minimum, and if you are running RISC OS Select it will also cater for a wide range of other file formats like PNG, GIF, BMP and so on.

ImpEmail, the mail-merging email client, has had attachment handling added. For the moment attachments can be any static file from disc, or any notes or file field from Impact related to the record being merged. We have ideas as to how the attachments might be a PDF produced from a mail-merged Impression or Ovation Pro document, but this will not be ready in time for the show. Note that ImpEmail can be used stand-alone for sending single messages, or in conjunction with Impact or Powerbase.

We also hope to have a major new RISC OS application available, which has been over a year in development. It is touch and go whether it will be completely finished in time, but we will certainly be demonstrating it during our Show Theatre slot at 2.30 pm. Please come along and find out more!

See the Wakefield Show web site for further details of the time and location.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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