Webworkz Revitalised

An application from the late Paul Vigay back in the day, Webworkz has been given some attention and has now been updated. The program, which Paul had available as a shareware product, was designed to convert Fireworkz documents into HTML/CSS.

Announced by R-Comp, the plan with the updated version is to make it a free update for current Fireworkz Pro users.

Paul’s software has been looked after since Paul’s death by Andrew Conroy, and it is thanks to him that this update has been possible, with its shareware restrictions removed, and the BASIC source made clearer so that changes could be made.

Assistance has also been provided by Stuart Swales, the developer responsible for Fireworkz, with his inside knowledge of the Fireworkz family being invaluable in updating the application, and all changes are being fed back to Andrew Conroy so that Paul’s master library is kept up to date.

The software should be added to the relevant Fireworkz Pro zip files by the weekend.

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