TimeZones learns how to find out where you are in version 1.01

Kevin Wells recently released an application for looking up time zones from anywhere around the world, and he has now put out his first update for it.

The release of version 1.01 of TimeZones brings two changes – one a new feature, and the other a presentation improvement.

Dealing with the latter first, as well as looking up time zones the program can also calculate the time difference between that zone and GMT – but where the difference wasn’t a whole hour the result was presented as a decimal value, rather than as hours and minutes. For example, one and a half hours would have been presented as 1.5, rather than 1:30. The new version addresses that, and now presents time differences as HH:MM, giving better clarity.

The new feature in this version is the ability to use your IP address to determine the time zone you are in – which may be handy for anyone taking their RISC OS computer on their travels, so that they can correctly set their clock.

TimeZones makes use of Wget to get its information from the WorldTimeAPI website, and can be used to find out information about the different zones.

If you find TimeZones or any of Kevin’s other applications useful, why not offer him some support by buying some merch or throwing him a quid or two.

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