TimeZones application released

Find out if it’s too late/early to ring your Antipodean Auntie!

Kevin Wells has released a new application that provides an easy way to look up information about different time zones around the world from the RISC OS desktop.

TimeZones makes use of Wget to get its information from the WordTimeAPI website, and can be used to find out information about the different zones.

The list of available zones can be found by refreshing the time zone list, and with an up to date list stored all are available from a pop up menu. Select one and instruct the application to retrieve the information about it, and it will reveal such information as the standard abbreviation for that time zone, the current date and time in that zone, and the difference between it and GMT, the details of any daylight savings time in that zone – including whether it’s currently in that period, as well as when it begins and ends – and more.

If you find TimeZones or any of Kevin’s other applications useful, why not offer him some support by buying some merch or throwing him a quid or two.

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