Retriever gets a better grip in version 0.03

A new version of Retriever has been made available by its developer, Thomas Milius, which benefits from a number of new features.

The software offers a method of locating documents based on search terms or other criteria, but does so by building up an initial cache of data about your files, with the specific information varying based on their type.

As well as some bug fixes, new features of version 0.03 include:

  • Improved support for email exported from Pluto
  • Configurable file types supported by the text parser
  • Arbitrary header fields are now supported by the email parser, and can be searched
  • A new ‘converter parser’ allows certain additional filetypes to be converted to a form that can be analysed by Retriever. The currently supported types are:
    • Squashed files are converted to unsquashed form
    • BBC BASIC files are converted to text
    • PDF files are converted to text
    • Textease files are converted to text

In some cases, these conversions may only be possible if certain applications are available on the system – such as PDFUtils for PDF files. Thomas also says he hopes to be able to add more conversions in future.

Users of Retriever version 0.02 will receive the update free of charge. For new users, the software is priced at €47.60 for customers in Germany, and €48 for customers in the UK – the difference being due to the slightly different VAT rates that are applicable. It can be purchased from Stader Softwareentwicklung GmbH

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