Printed User Guide now an option when buying a Titanium

Get a motherbook with a motherboard!

RISC OS 5 User Guide front cover, courtesy of RISC OS Open LtdIf you have been thinking about buying a Titanium motherboard from Elesar Ltd, you now have an additional incentive: The option of having a printed copy of the new RISC OS 5 User Guide included in the price – although, if you so choose, you can have the motherboard without the Guide.

The new User Guide matches the latest stable release of the operating system, RISC OS 5.24, released in April and is the first printed edition of the tome to be produced in over twenty years; the last edition came from Acorn in 1996.

The new book weighs in at over six hundred pages, featuring over nine hundred images or illustrations. That’s a lot of reading (or looking at pictures if you’re that way inclined), making the new User Guide one mother of a book – so to make it easier, it’s broken down into sixty two chapters and eight appendices of reference material. There’s also a comprehensive index so it’s easy to find the thing you want, or get distracted by another thing that just looks interesting.

As well as being updated to match the latest stable version of RISC OS, there have also been numerous corrections and revisions to old, but still relevant content, and improvements made to older drawings and screenshots.

To take Elesar up on the offer, simply choose the ‘Titanium motherboard + RISC OS operating system with User Guide’ from the Titanium page on Elesar’s shop, or go straight to that item.

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