London Show snippets

As everyone in RISC OS land should know by now, this year’s London Show will take place tomorrow at the St Giles Hotel in Feltham. With my exhibitor hat on, I get very busy in the run up to a show – and I also deal with trying to get any last minute news posted here before the show takes place.

But, as ever, it depends largely on the news being sent to me in the first place – not all of it is. With that in mind, I’ve done a quick scan of the comp.sys.acorn.announce usenet group, and the most recent posts on the RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL) forums, to see if there is anything else to mention. And there is…

Matthew Phillips of Sine Nomine has said that, “barring any show-stoppers during final testing, a new version of RiscOSM will be launched at the show.” The new version will include a map style-editor, which will be further developed over the coming months. He will also be demonstrating a new application – not quite ready for release yet; probably soon after the show – that interacts with RiscOSM and takes advantage of the recent work on the AcornSSL module.

Version 2.28a of Organizer from North One Communications Ltd will be available at the show. This is the same version that was available at Wakefield, and was a small upgrade over version 2.28, released at last year’s London Show, and brought some enhancements and bug fixes.  Upgrade prices range from £15.00 to £25 depending on the age of your existing version, and whether or not you want it ‘on a stick’ (with RPCEmu). The price for a new copy, or those upgrading from versions earlier than 2.24 is £25, or £30 on a stick.

R-Comp Interactive has announced that in order to ensure customer data is better looked after, all new machines they sell that make heavy use of SD or micro-SD storage will use new “Endurance Pro” and similar media, offering greatly improved write durability. (Though where media is an extra freebie or part of another promotion, it will be lower cost, with the better quality available as an upgrade). All new computers will also benefit from SafeStore backup software as standard, and a version of DeleGate. The company will have a range of computers at the show – and an “as yet unannounced new family member.”

That new family member? I comment in the earlier show preview, linked at the top of this page, that R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley has dropped hints that indicate a new laptop is a possibility. Since then, on the ROOL forums, he has said:

If you have any interest in an ARM-based, RISC OS laptop you might want to drop by the RCI stand at the London Show on Saturday. And for once, I promise you it’s not just a dev-board (pi/imx/panda etc) in a box.

The RISCOSitory bunker now needs to be sealed shut for the weekend – but I shall look again later today (or tonight) from the hotel, and if there is any more news (whether directly submitted or found elsewhere), I’ll do a second pre-show snippets post.

Otherwise… see you there!

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