Final call for votes in the 2017 Awards poll

RISC OS Awards logoThe annual RISC OS Awards poll is coming to an end. The voting form will be taken down at some point on Saturday, 26th May, which is just three days from now.

The RISC OS Awards provides you with a way to thank those companies and developers who have provided a good service, or developed something Рhardware or software Рthat you feel is worthy of note. If enough people feel the same way as you, those you vote for effectively receive some recognition for their efforts, with that result published  on the RISC OS Awards and RISCOSitory websites.

The current poll covers the year 2017, with a small overlap into the end of 2016, and in each category there are up to six nominations that you can vote for simply by selecting one, or an option to vote for something else – the so-called ‘alternative option’.

A review of those alternative options was carried out at the start of April, and updated earlier this month. You can review the summary of these, and add your vote for any of these – or something else – if you don’t feel any of the nominations deserve your vote.

Whatever you decide to vote for, the most important thing is that you vote for something – so if you haven’t yet cast your votes, you need to act fast: Vote now!

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