Genealogy Records software updated to 2.05

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 13th April, 2016.

R-Comp is pleased to announce that version 2.05 of our Genealogy Records software (aka DPGr) is now available. Existing customers are entitled to a free update via !Store.

The Genealogy Records software is a comprehensive system for recording family history research, and conducting analysis and study. It is designed to catalogue all the common (and not so common) sources of information that people find when looking into their family tree, so that they can quickly analyse and link the information.

For example, there are pre-set forms for all manner of census, birth, marriage, death, military and other records. Gravestones, correspondence, parish records and so on can be logged into the system for comparison and study.

The software also allows import of GEDCOM data from other family history programs.

It is a companion program to the ‘Genealogy’ program (aka DPG) which provides a more traditional ‘person-based’ family tree system.

The reason for this split is that most people doing genealogy study will be finding lots of information online and via parish records, and that information needs to be stored and catalogued for easy access. Only after studying all this information, and making informed decisions (and a bit of guesswork!) can a person’s ‘key stats’ be entered into a family tree. DPGr is designed to allow this study to take place before information is transferred into DPG (or other software).

What’s new in 2.05?

  1. The ‘Utilities’ module, which helps with the import of information gleaned from the internet, has been updated to deal with data from an expanded range of web sites (including free sites such as FreeBMD, FreeReg, FreeCen, and FamilySearch). Will accept data from the newly released 1939 Registration Index.
  2. The ‘Civil Registrations Index’ section has an improved layout to handle changes in way information is reported post-1992.
  3. A number of ‘under the hood’ improvements and bug fixes, including removing need for a specific ‘upgrade’ version when releasing a new version of DPGrecords.

The last comment is significant as it is now much easier to upgrade from one version of DPGr to another.

A revised 34-page PDF manual is also included, to cover the changed features.

The software can be purchased via !Store as a separate purchase, or on CD with its companion Genealogy software (also due for an update in time for the Wakefield Show).

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