One-off quad-core RISCube tower with floppy available

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 14th April, 2016.

RCI is pleased to announce that we have a one-off quad-core RISCube-style computer system available which can handle a floppy drive, suitable for reading RISC OS floppy discs.

We’re aware that a number of customers are keen to maintain floppy-disc compatibility, or to migrate away from floppy (please take our advice and migrate your floppies to USB/HDD/CD or you will lose data). This is an ideal machine for that, combining the rare elements of a quad-core CPU and floppy. It also has 4GB (4096MB) of RAM!

This is a combination that is no longer manufactured – it isn’t possible any more. However, this particular machine combines parts that have been used here at RCI, with an array of brand-new components (case, PSU, disc drives/SSDs, CD/DVD etc).

Couple it with an SSD and Windows 7 + RISC OS, and you’re left with a lovely system which will be ideal for floppy archiving or running your RISC OS or Windows software.

What sets this apart from other ‘legacy’ floppy systems is the number of brand-new parts, and the high specification (quad core, 4GB RAM). Most floppy-capable systems were single-core, occasionally dual-core, with at most 1GB of RAM.

Price will obviously vary depending upon what you choose in terms of SSD or HDD drives, operating system versions etc, but we intend this to be at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Please contact us if interested.

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